Sep 17, 2003
The Lord of the Rings: Good Movie Good Movie, and its not just for dorks, i watch it...duH! oops, i just condridicted myself. lol.

Billy Boyd and Orlando Bloom: Pippen and Legolas

Billy Boyd and Elijah Wood

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Sep 16, 2003
Troy Hudson!!!

Troy Hudson!


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Basketball! What a wonderful sport!
Nothing is better then when i'm on the court, well actually a lot of things are, but basketball is really super cool.

You're only cool in my book if you play basketball
Actually that's not true, most of my friends don't play basketball. BUT I'LL LOVE YOU FOREVER IF YOU DO! :-)

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Sharpie Markers: The new CraZe

I was talking with my good friend Kendra, and we realized that Sharpie's are very Handie, and even though yes they do smell pretty funky, the useful side out weighs the smelly side

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By The Tree

By the tree RULES!

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Stupid St. Cloud Superman

This is St. Cloud Superman...he is very scary and probably a child molester.
He lives in St. Cloud Minnesota, where i used to live, and stands on corners, he otherwise calls this "Crime fighting"
What a weirdo

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My favorite Mouse

Martin Smith: Modern Rocker
Hannah says he looks like a mouse. And even if he does...I like Mice.

Delirious? sitting on the stage
Stu G............................John T..................Martin S.

Mezzamorphis Promo

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